Vicar's Monthly Letter

Associate Priest's letter

Dear Everyone


Well sadly we are all still in lock-down (of one sort or another) and some of our freedoms have still yet to return. We will have to continue to show patience and forbearing in the hope that the amazing NHS vaccination programme will get to everyone and then we can return to whatever the ‘new normal’ looks like. Recently in church one of the Bible readings we listened to was the Parable of the Mustard Seed. This seemed to have some parallels with our current state of change and Covid confusion. The mustard seed of course represents the Kingdom of God and the parable itself shows how we cannot control or harness that force. So it seems neither can we fully control Covid 19 but step by tiny step we are getting our lives back (if not at the pace we would like).

Patience is also a virtue I have spoken about in a number of sermons I have preached lately, when I have referenced that great writer Julian of Norwich. We are so used to everything happening immediately in our lives, be that ordering goods from Amazon, fast food, online activity, even our impatience in awaiting a response to an email we may have sent. So much so that we may have forgotten the art of waiting. Yet some things cannot be rushed just as plants will only grow in their own time, so also many things in our lives take time to develop. Covid and the lockdowns have taught us again this valuable lesson. But we need to use this time of waiting to perhaps think not just about what we have or what we dont have but like Julian of Norwich about who we are and our relationship with God.

Summer is upon us, a time we can be outside hopefully enjoying the good weather and seeing friends and family. And like the mustard seed perhaps we can grow into the people God wants us to be.

Blessings Richard